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The 2019 Parksville Panters JANUARY JUNKET Senior Hockey Tournament is coming together very nicely with a great group of teams scheduled to participate! Tournament game dates are Tues. January 14th and Wed. January 15th 2019 at Oceanside Arena.

The tournament format will remain essentially the same as previous years with each team playing Three (3) games over the two days. Each game will consist of two (2) 25 minute stop time periods.

There are three age divisions which will include 60+, 65+ and 70+.
All players must be of proper age as of December 31, 2019. Goalies in the 60+ and 65+ divisions can be up to 5 years younger than 60 or 65. Goalies in the 70+ divisions can be up to 10 years younger than 70.

Along with great hockey there will be a Beer Garden with complimentary snacks and pizza throughout the two days. Players and guests also get a chance to win big by participating in our 50/50 draw(s).

Our policy is to give all teams that participated in the Junket last time a priority invite. The cut-off date for the retuning teams to put in their request is November 15th. After the cut-off date it is a first come first serve situation. If you have a new team that would be interested participating the entry fee is $550.00 and you can put in a request anytime now. We will let you know your status shortly after the 15th of November.

Rules of Play

The Rule Book of Canadian Recreation Hockey will apply.

The three penalty disqualification rule will apply. Two line passes will be permitted

Team game sheets must show a complete roster of all players and jersey numbers being used in the tournament.

Sportsmanship and safety are an integral part of Old Timers Hockey. Players and officials are to be treated with respect both on and off the ice.

All equipment must be CSA approved including goalie masks.

Home team is the first team listed on the game schedule.

Help to keep games on time by minimizing the length of stoppage in play.
Any questions may be submitted to the games Rule Committee.


Our tournament insurance has been acquired in conjunction with the Parksville Golden Oldies Association.

It is our understanding that the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) provides insurance for those teams who are CARHA members.

Should your team not be CARHA members and you feel you may require additional insurance to cover personal injury or injury to another player, please make your own arrangements.