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The 2019 Parksville Panters Fall Classic Senior Hockey Tournament is coming together very nicely with a great group of teams scheduled to participate! Our 25-team lineup consists of six 60+ teams, six 65+ teams, six 70+ teams, four 75+ teams and new this year - three 80+ teams.

This year we are continuing the limited underage allowance to the 60+ division - up to three players aged 55 to 59 years allowed on each 60+ team. This and the goalie underage rule (see below) are the only exceptions to the age requirements.

The list of teams and the game schedules should be on our website (click on schedule) before the end of July. If there are any errors in the information posted on the website, please email us and let us know as soon as you see them.
We typically receive requests from teams to accommodate travel challenges (i.e. ferry boat arrival and departure times, two hour drive times, catching late afternoon flights on day 3, later afternoon games for teams with players still in the 9 to 5 workforce, etc.). As in the past, we will do our best to accommodate these requests when formulating the tournament schedule. However, once the schedule is posted on the web site, it would be appreciated if requests for last minute schedule changes be kept to a minimum as it requires all teams involved to agree on any change.

If you have not already done so, please insure that you submit your team registration and roster ASAP so we can have a complete team lists setup on our web site and printed for our game sheets. You can do it on line via our web site (

This years itinerary is very similar to last year with highlights being: the Player Reception on Tuesday with free corn on the cob, wine and cheese; Wednesday night banquet dinner at the Cuckoo Trattoria and Pizzeria; beer garden with free munchies each day; free coffee and hot chocolate for players, guests and spectators from the concession; and of course, great Classic Hockey. A more detailed list with event times can be found under the Events link.

When you arrive at the rink on Tuesday September 10th, managers should please look for the registration table where you can pick up your team's registration package. As well, your team will be assigned an Ambassador (see below) to assist you throughout the tournament should you need any assistance.
Registration packages will include tournament program booklets and extra schedules, 15 beer tickets, 15 give-away vouchers (i.e. swiss-embroidered article of clothing), goalie mask waiver sheet, contact information for your Ambassador and spare coordinator and other miscellaneous information.
Dinner tickets for the Wednesday evening at Cuckoos Trattoria Restaurant (located in Coombs) will be sold for $20 in the Pond Area. This includes the meal, taxes and a gratuity. There will be two sittings - one at 4:30 and one at 7:00 pm. Cuckoos offers us a great deal and the Panters organization further subsidizes the event down to this low, low price. This is a delicious family-style meal, serving pizza, pasta and salads in a lovely setting. It is a great value for players, spouses/partners and fans. It is a big hit every year!

If your team finds itself short of players, or if you know of any individuals that do not have a team, you should contact one of the Tournament Spare Coordinators.

The 2018 Classic Tournament Spare Coordinators/Ambassadors are:
60+ Dean Zimmer 250-594-4671
65+ Greg Slocombe 250-594-6277
70+ Bob Ferguson 250-752-4809
75+ Massey Matsuda 250-240-4828
80+ Neal Wood 250-586-2908
Note: The final registration fee payments are due August1st, 2019. If you are paid up thank you. If not, please make sure that your team's entire registration fee of $1000 is paid up by that date. You can send a cheque for the balance of your fees, made out to the Parksville Panters Hockey Club, to:
Mr. Neal Wood
921 Lakes Blvd
Parksville BC, V9P 2P8

Rules of Play:
The rule book of the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA) will apply.

Tournament rules include:
- the three penalty disqualification rule will apply.
- game sheets must be filled out and signed by team managers and include a complete roster of all players and their jersey number
- sportsmanship and safety are integral parts of old-timers hockey. Players and officials must be treated with respect both on and off the ice.
- all equipment must be CSA approved. A waiver is included in team registration packages for goalies that have the “tear-drop” style of mask/cage.
- any questions or disputes should be directed to the tournament Troubleshooting and Dispute Resolution Sub-committee.
- additional rules may be implemented and will be communicated to team managers prior to the tournament.

Games will include a 5 minute warm-up, a 20 minute stop time period, a 2 minute break between periods, a second 20 minute stop time period and then we need everyone off the ice so we can do a 15 minute flood. Depending on time remaining after the first period, the second period may be shortened slightly to keep on schedule.

All players must be of proper age as of December 31, 2019. Goalies in the 60+ and 65+ divisions can be up to 5 years younger than 60 or 65. Goalies in the 70+, 75+ and 80+ divisions can be up to 10 years younger than 70, 75 or 80. As mentioned above, 60+ teams are allowed three underage players (i.e. aged 55 to 59).

Captains, please ensure that your players have been advised that they cannot play for more than one team unless a Tournament Official provides prior clearance.

Our tournament has obtained 3rd party liability insurance. Insurance for individual Parksville Panters has been acquired in conjunction with the Parksville Golden Oldies Sports Association (PGOSA). It is our understanding that CARHA members are covered by the insurance provided for its members. If your team and players are not insured as outlined above, the Parksville Panters organization encourages you to make your own arrangements.

This year, we are posting our hotel and other tournament sponsors on our website. A final list of sponsors will be posted on the web site and printed in the Tournament Program.

If you are still looking for accommodation during the tournament, one of our hotel, motel or resort sponsors posted on our web site may be able to help you out. We encourage all teams to stay at sponsoring hotels and to otherwise support our sponsors as much as possible as their generous contributions support the camaraderie and physical activity of senior hockey, and help keep our tournament fees as low as possible.

Another update will be coming in early September. We are looking forward to seeing you then.

Until then, have a great summer!

Daniel Dunwoody (250-752-5780)
Joe MacDougall (204-730-2522)
Darryl Smith (250-228-3070)
Tournament Co-Coordinators