Parksville Panters Senior Hockey

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Rules of Play

The Rule Book of Canadian Recreation Hockey will apply.
The three penalty disqualification rule will apply. Two line passes will be permitted.
Age categories: Players must reach the minimum age of their division in the current calendar year. Goaltenders may be five years younger than the designated age of the division they are playing in, except the 70+ division where they may be 10 years younger.

Games in all divisions will consist of a five minute warm-up with two 20-minute stop time periods.

There will be 2 points awarded for a win and 1 point awarded for a tie. Goals for and goals against will be used to break ties for final placements.

Team game sheets must show a complete roster of all players being used in the tournament. No one may play for more than one team.

Sportsmanship and safety are an integral part of Old Timers Hockey. Players and officials are to be treated with respect both on and off the ice.

All equipment must be CSA approved including goalie masks.

Home team is the first team listed on the game schedule.

Help to keep games on time by minimizing the length of stoppage in play.
Any questions may be submitted to the games Rule Committee.


















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